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O2O Commerce Platform providing a single view of the customer

  • Offline audience and segmentation
  • Enrich customer data from multiple sources
  • Consumer insights and reporting
  • Monitor O2O performance across channels
Customer data platform

Manage your offline leads across multiple touchpoints

Custom audience

Custom audience

Build custom profiles and segment audience by shopper persona

Higher engagement

Higher engagement

Engage & retarget better via personalized marketing campaigns

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Derive actionable insights from detailed analytics

Optimize marketing

Optimize marketing spend

Track key footfall metrics to optimize online marketing spends

Lead management

Lead management

Manage your offline lead pipeline by integrating your CRM

Customer intelligence to propel your growth in the new retail world

easy crm integration

Easy Integration

Use our web-hooks to connect to your existing BI tools

retail focussed CRM platform

Retail focussed

A complete retail-first CRM and analytics platform

personalized marketing campaigns


Leverage your first party data for personalized campaigns

location data tracking

Lat / Long tracking

Layer third party location data for probabilistic attribution of footfall

product recommendation engine

Recommendation engine

Offer product recommendations based on Look-alike and past engagements

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