Enable customer journeys for new retail

We unify your retail footprint across markets. We power your chat bots and in-store apps to manage customer engagement, omni-channel orders, customer service, and loyalty.




Integrated Inventory

Sync online and offline retail inventory in every market


Conversational Commerce

Allow customers to shop and engage with your brand 24/7


Single Customer View

Enrich your CRM with end-to-end customer journey data


In-store Fulfilment

Utilize stores for Click & Collect and Ship from Store

Empower stores to become


  • Shoffr StoreBoard fulfilment app is available on Android, iPhone, & iPad.
  • Enable store associates to fulfil orders for click & collect.
  • Integrate with logistics providers for ship from store capability.
  • Answer walk-in customer queries by retrieving their transaction and engagement history.

Your customers are chatting all the time! Why aren't you?

  • Enable new sales and marketing channels via FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Google Home, Alexa, etc.
  • Expose in-store inventory across all digital channels.
  • Track and trace customer journeys online <-> offline.
  • Plug into your existing Payment Gateway, CRM, Order Management, or other downstream systems.
  • Powered by Natural Language Processing for most Asian and European languages.
  • Auto respond FAQs, else handover to customer service rep.

Control and customize your Shoffr account with ease.

  • Manage user accounts for store associates and campaign managers.
  • Analyze customer journeys, engagement, and orders across channels.
  • Enable campaigns and understand your online to offline attribution.
  • Review product catalogs and price books for each retailer.
  • Answer online customer queries by retrieving their transaction and engagement history.